It's no secret that messaging has become an innate part of our everyday lives. Our phones are practically glued to us, and even more so than ever right now. We're immersed in conversations that happen with a few taps of a screen. But, how we each communicate within messaging can be vastly different, especially when we consider factors like demographics and personal preference.

Our 2020 Holler State of Messaging Report explores the what, why, and how of messaging in a digitally driven world. And it reveals how brands fit into the conversation.

Some Key Insights revealed:

  • Over 72% of Americans say they message more than they email, comment on social media, and make phone calls.
  • Even further, 78% believe visuals help with self-expression in messaging & 70% would share branded visuals they thought were cool.

There's plenty more where that came from - don't miss it!

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