The Payment Conversation has Shifted

How COVID-19 is Influencing Holler Content Popularity in Venmo

Just as our world has gone through a drastic societal change in the past couple of months, the way people interact digitally has as well. Venmo, in particular, has seen a dramatic shift in how people are transacting online. 

Not only has the conversation become more empathetic, with people paying it forward to frontline heroes and local businesses, the most popular Holler content has trended in a new direction. 

Read on to discover how Holler content usage in Venmo has changed from February to now.

An Overall Shift in Topics is Obvious

As the pie charts below illustrate, the types of payments people are making have experienced a noticeable shift week after week. 

“Be Well” content, which focuses on empathy and hygiene in the wake of Covid-19, has taken over in popularity rather quickly. Just weeks prior, “Shared Bills” and “Food” held the top spots. This trend is in direct correlation to how rapidly society shifted from normal life to a more socially distanced environment.

Holler Content Topic in Venmo Usage

Mar16 - Mar22

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Mar23 - Mar29

03_23 - 03_29

Mar30 - Apr06

03_30 -04_06-Graph Edited

Content Popularity Changes in Step with Society

Of course, as usage of content topics shift, so does the popularity of individual Holler content. Take a look at how Top 10 Trending Content has changed within just a month’s time.

*Popularity is based on the share rate of Holler Content within the Venmo platform

Most Popular Content in Venmo

Feb15 - Mar15








Payments in winter 2020 were focused on typical activities, from paying for food and drink to splitting household bills and grocery shopping trips.

Most Popular Content in Venmo

Mar16 - Apr16








As you can see, transactions within Venmo have shifted. Payments are focused more on purchasing cleaning supplies and groceries as opposed to out-of-home activity. Empathy has become much more prominent as well, with Thank You content ranking among the Top 10.

So What Does This All Mean?

Venmo payment trends are in direct response to the current state of society. Right now, people are turning to the platform for philanthropic reasons, to pay it forward during this difficult time. However, shared bill transactions are also still common, as people continue to pay for home essentials. Transactions like splitting a restaurant bill and paying for goods & services have been put on the back burner for now as people continue to shelter in place. Simply put - Venmo transactions are still happening, they're just different.

It will be interesting to see how these trends within Venmo continue to shift within the next month and beyond.